13 Reasons Why - Album by Young Deji




Hailing from the Alief area of Houston, Young Deji represents a new generation of rappers responsible for catapulting Texas’ largest city back on the map as a cultural hotbed. First rising to popularity as a YouTube personality, striking gold as creator of the breakout dance craze “The Woah.” Although music has always been Deji’s first love, he rode the momentum of the viral moment into the Pop Culture zeitgeist. Capitalizing on the success of “The Woah,” Deji translated his social media fame pivoting to music full-time with a pair of projects - 13 Reasons Why and Jam Dejo in 2018. Both projects ended up on the radar of Wiz Khalifa who was impressed with Deji’s music, placing him on the Taylor Gang compilation Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young.

In 2019, Young Deji released the project FunPlex featuring fellow H-town neighbor Maxo Kream, frequent collaborator Tisakorean and led by the Wiz-assisted standout single ‘Snapchat.’ Later in the year, Young Deji released Genesis, introducing a chameleon-like ability to switch styles from bonafide lyricist on 'Trousers' f/ Wiz to soulful melody maker on tracks like 'Dips' f/ SK8. Deji describes his current project Lil Woah as a 'statement record' proclaiming that he’s here to stay. The 14-track project features appearances from Wiz (“Backstreet”) and Peso Peso (“What They Say Now”). The project’s eponymous leadoff single “Lil Woah” is a high energy tune shutting down any confusion over who the origins of the “The Woah.” Tracks like “Flaws N All,” “Late Night” and “Affections” highlight Deji’s talent for melody, seamlessly providing a vibe for all moods and audiences.




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